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Do you consider yourself an endurance athlete? Do you love pushing yourself to the limit, both physically and mentally? Do you like drinking beer? Do you like walking slightly up-hill for 41 feet? If so, the 3rd annual Back Road Ramble is exactly what will keep you motivated through your summer and fall training regimen. Grab 3 of your most athletic and fun-focused friends to form a 4-person team for the most prestigious .05K relay race in the world. 
The Back Road Ramble is a fundraiser to raise money for two of our favorite charities: Farmers Against Hunger and Grow A Row. Their mission is to reduce food insecurity, by ensuring access to fresh and healthy produce to as many families as possible.

It's our turn to train hard, walk hard, and have fun while raising money for those in need.

Please remember, you are entering the most prestigious .05k relay race to trounce hunger. Many of the athletes you will encounter train year round for this special event. However, be warned, you will be disqualified if your speed walk turns into a jog or run. Our judges have attended the most intense speed walking Zoom courses to hone their skills.

Be aggressive, be competitive, be kind, and get ready for a lot of laughs and high fives.
Refund Policy
Tickets are non-refundable. If you have not trained enough - or pull a muscle - please find another elite athlete that can carry your corn cob across the finish line with pride.
Age Restriction
21 to 125 years old. For those not yet 21, I suggest that you start training now for the magical moment when you are able to enter the most prestigious .05k relay race in the world. May the wind push you forward quickly.