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While the beer doesn’t always speed the arrival of Spring, it will at least keep you warm. Come beckon warmer weather with a mug full of Bock, dancing and food. Seven Bocks of Winter are hiding around the brewery and in Flandrau State Park, waiting for brave festgoers to venture out and capture them. Armed with completely useless clues and Bock beer, hunters will comb the park in search of these elusive Bocks. Our two human St. Bernards, with kegs of Bock beer strapped to their backs, are ready to be dispatched at a moments notice of the first signs of thirst. Oft-repeated tales depict their heroic exploits, finding festers roaming the woods at wits end, searching for another glass of Schell’s Bock beer. Once they receive nourishment, they find the strength to go forth and continue their search for the stealthy Bocks. Legend has it if all Seven Bocks of Winter are captured and brought back to the brewery, winter will release its icy grip on Minnesota, and bring an early spring. (This has never been scientifically proven and is widely disputed among scholars to this day.)

For those not hearty enough to leave the Schell’s Brewery fest grounds, feel no shame. Schell’s beer, brats, live music and warm fire await you. Grab yourself a Schell’s Bock and brag to your friends of how you braved the Minnesota forest “in year's past” and found all seven Bocks yourself. Your friends will be so impressed with your exploits, you probably won’t have to buy another beer the entire time you’re here! Head over to the fire and have your beer “poked” by our fire tenders, giving your Bock beer some nice caramel flavors.

And when the final Bock has been wrangled, the last Ring of Fire sung, the last keg tapped and last mug hoisted, it's time to close the books on another Bock Fest; unless you want to stick around and help clean up! But the party doesn’t stop there. Festgoers flock to downtown New Ulm for a fun-filled night of friendship. And when the night has run its course and it’s time to call it quits, we ask that you call for a ride home! Be safe out there!

Ticket cost: $10
21+ event. ID’s required.
Tickets will be available at the gate on the day of the event.
Our gift shop will open its doors at 10:00am on the day of advanced ticket sales (January 31st) and will sell tickets as long as they are available. Can’t make it to the brewery to get your tickets? No problem, we’re selling them online as well! A limited number of tickets will be sold online in advance beginning at 10:00am on January 31st and last as long as tickets are available. Sorry, no refunds on advanced tickets. Limit of 10 tickets per purchase.

Saturday, March 5, 2022
11:00am-4:30pm at the brewery

10:30am – Gates open for advanced ticket holders only!
11:00am – Gates open for cash purchase
11:00am – The first keg is tapped and the music begins
4:30pm – Last call

What to Know Before You Attend


General Terms

Bring valid, state-issued form of identification. All IDs will be checked at the gate. This guideline cannot be bent in any way shape or form.

Refund Policy

All ticket sales are final, unless event is canceled.'s fee is nonrefundable.

Age Restriction

Must be 21+ years or older to attend. Sorry, no children or babies.