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It's time to rev your engines and prepare for the race of a lifetime!
Join us Saturday, April 13th for the 5th Annual Road 2 Ruin Pintwood Pro Derby, hosted at Area Two. This year, the skilled professionals from Race Masters will be on hand to help weigh cars and keep track of race times. 

This is a family friendly event featuring a special heat just for children's Lego cars. Bring the whole crew and get ready for a day of high-speed thrills and exciting competition!
Prizes will be awarded to the top three racers in both the adult and chidlren's heats.
Please note: there are limited spots available for our children's heat!

Adult Registration Details 
$20/adult includes a car kit and a can of Road 2 Ruin on us! 
Choose either a "Quick Build Kit" with pre-cut car blocks or a solid block to carve and create your own. Both kits include pre-drilled axel holes with easy push in wheels. Pinewood Derby Pro Wheels MUST be used. 
Cars can be picked up in the Two Roads Company Store anytime during business hours, no appointment is needed to come and pick up your kit(s).
If you wish to have your kit mailed to you, please add shipping to your cart before checking out. 

Children Registration Details- SOLD OUT
$10/child includes a Lego car kit to be built on the day of the event
The children's entry spots are extremely limited for the Lego race.
Please note, Lego cars are not to keep, they are on loan for race day and must be returned after the race. 

Event Details 
Time subjected to change based on the amount of participants who register

9:30am- Car weigh-ins will begin
10am- Bar Opens
12-2pm- Adult Heats Begin
2-2:15pm- 15 Minute Break 
2:15-2:45pm- Adult Championship Heats Begin 
2:45-3pm- 15 Minute Break (track change over)
3-4pm- Children's Heat and Championship 

Please Note: Since the children's heat is scheduled for the later half of the day, families do not need to be here at 9:30am to check-in. Check-in for all child racers will be throughout the day, Lego Cars will be built on site so just make sure to allow your child time to build their car! 
Food Offerings
Area Two Experimental Eats will also be open at 10am serving breakfast sandwiches! 

Winners and Prizes! 
Winner of the adult championship heat will receive our Pintwood Pro Derby Trophy, a $50 gift card to Two Roads, and a (2) Golden Event Tickets (good to redeem at any future event in 2024)
2nd and 3rd place adult winners will receive (2) Golden Event Tickets (good to redeem at any future event in 2024) and delicious beer! 

Winner of the children's heat will receive a Pintwood Pro Derby trophy! 
All other children racers will receive a participation ribbon

Spectators welcome to come down and watch! 

Simple Race Rules 

1. Maximum dimensions: 7" (L) x 2 & 3/4" (W) x 2 & 3/4" (H) 

2. Must have 3/8" clearance under the car body 

3. Maximum weight: 5.0 ounces. The official race scale used at check-in shall be considered final .

4. Stick-on weights are supplied in the kits, but may use any weights.

5. Must use PINEWOOD PRO WHEELS, supplied in the kit. You may remove imperfections, but may not substantially alter or drill the wheels. 
6. The car body must be 1 & 3/4" between the axles.

7.Beginning two hours before the race, only dry materials and lubricants can be applied to the car.  No glue of any kind (including hot glue), paint, marker, or liquid lubricant can be applied 120 minutes prior to racing.


 All decisions by inspection committee are final 


Important Notes

- We will be using a different track than previous years, this track does have a center guide rail, so you can set your car up as a rail rider. 

NO graphite can be applied to the wheels inside the Area Two Building. 

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

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General Terms

Bring valid, state-issued form of identification. All IDs will be checked at the gate. This guideline cannot be bent in any way shape or form.

Refund Policy

All ticket sales are final, unless event is canceled.'s fee is nonrefundable.